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Story from Herefordshire & Worcestershire Master Composter, Jeremy Thomas.

I was first attracted to the Master Composter scheme after a number of years spent volunteering with varying degrees of satisfaction with several very different organisations, so I came to it with not a little scepticism – how would it work, be managed, be effective, and so on? And, would I ever learn to make good compost, after so many years of trying?

Now as I start my 8th year as a MC, I can definitely recommend it to anyone who is actively interested in gardening, and in meeting and talking with like-minded people.

My personal preference is for face-to-face working with members of the public, whenever and wherever practicable. Over the years, I have enjoyed and shared the company of a wide variety of audiences, village “open gardens” days, schools, allotment associations, WIs, even a Salvation Army group on one occasion (it was also Shrove Tuesday, and the pancakes were superb!).

For the past 3 years, I have also been a volunteer gardener at my local National Trust property, and this has provided ongoing opportunities (at their invitation) to operate “Home Compost Clinics” at several local NT properties. Arranged to coincide with their garden events, these have led to other local opportunities to spread the word.

Looking ahead, I still hope to identify a suitable venue for possible Community Composting, but this looks like a relative non-starter where the “Brown bins” rule, collecting and removing all the lovely compostable waste – but I haven’t given up hope!

And the rewards for the hard work? Mainly, the sheer pleasure of meeting and talking to so many interesting and interested people: and I have often said that I have yet to hold an event when I did not learn something useful from someone else. We never stop learning!