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Jake Neale - Delete 2015 low resThis story has been written by Jake Neale of Harris CofE Academy, Warwickshire.  Jake has been undertaking work experience at Garden Organic for the last 2 weeks, whilst here he has worked on improving the signage and educational opportunities in the 'Compost and Soil Fertility Garden'.


The waste

In our school we produce an enormous amount of waste, food waste (greens) and paper card, cardboard (browns). We have all the materials needed to be able to compost.

Greens and Browns

Greens are food waste that you would put in your compost bin such as:

  • Banana peel
  • Orange peel
  • Apple core’s

Browns are paper-like materials that would go in the bin with the food waste such as:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Hay

To make a compost bin work you need roughly a 50/50 amount of each. In our school this would be perfect as all the food waste and all the recycled paper would add up nicely and fill a few compost bins easily!


After making/creating the compost we could then use it to create a small garden on the premises where we could use the freshly and newly created compost to plant some food crops which would then in turn save the school money because the food made would be able to be sold in the canteen and the compost being made would further help this process as it works better than normal soil.

Why should a school compost when somebody else could do it?

A school should compost because it helps the environment. It does this because if the food waste (greens) and the paper and cardboard (browns) were to be sent off to the tip/landfill then it is damaging the environments. Even if it were sent to a recycling centre its still bad for the environment as the trucks and lorries use precious fuel but the fuel lets out harmful gases, so surely it would just be easier to do it our self’s?

What about the cost of the bin and who is going to maintain it?

The cost of the bins is as little as £10 (from he local council) and then the prices range upwards to high-tech bins. The maintenance would be simple. It is only needed when somebody would like to deposit the food and paper waste and whenever the compost is finished and ready to use, Simple.