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Invessel Composting at Ryton Organic Gardens

Ridan at Ryton Organic GardensFor many years our Ridan Composter was out in the gardens here at Ryton being fed by the organic restaurant on site. The process which dealt with all cooked and uncooked waste ran smoothly with a regular input of food. However, when the restaurant closed and we only had a café in operation the process slowed down and failed to work effectively. This meant that we were forced to move the Ridan out of the public gardens as there was no longer a sufficient throughput of food waste.

Ridan ComposterWith recent changes here at Ryton Gardens and the opening of Fresh Rootz; our new vegan restaurant, we took the opportunity to bring the Ridan back to life. First problem, bees had moved into the fibre insulation inside the waterproof jacket. We managed to relocate the bees a few yards without upsetting them and then removed the jacket and insulation, hense the photo of what the Ridan looks like with no clothes on! With the good weather we are hoping we can manage without the insulation through the summer. The black plastic of the Ridan soaks up the heat, and paddles inside operated by a geared handle keep the materials moving along the chamber. We are now producing a dustbin full of compost a week in an area outside the gardens behind the café.