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Don't be wasteful this Christmas


Over the festive period we produce a vast amount of waste. There will be a mad dash to fill the fridge and stock the cupboards with as much food as possible ‘just in case’ a distant relative shows up on Christmas Day or auntie wants ham instead of turkey. We wrap already over packaged gifts in wrapping paper and then for good measure put them in gift bags and we can’t forget the masses of Christmas cards we send to everyone. With a bit of thought and preparation (and without being a scrooge) you can keep the amount of waste you produce down to a minimum.

Our Garden Organic Master Composters from around the country have compiled these handy hints and tips to help you shrink the amount of general waste you throw away this festive period.

Food Bio bag - Wrap

There are two main reasons why we throw away good food: we cook or prepare too much or we don't use it in time.

In the first instance you should plan what you are going to buy before leaving your kitchen; check to see what you already have and plan your meals i.e what you are going to cook and how many people you are going to be cooking for.

Use your leftovers to create meals for following days or if you don’t need them immediately, freeze them.  For more handy recipes for using up those leftovers visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com

Don’t forget to compost your uncooked organic waste at home; this includes fruit and vegetable peelings, brussel sprout stalks (these are great air chimney’s), and tea bags.

Packaging and gift wrapping

When buying presents try to look for those with minimal packaging or at least packaging which is widely recyclable – better still you could add the personal touch by making your own gifts. Whilst selecting wrapping paper, cheaper is often better when it comes to the ability to recycle. Shiny wrapping papers with foil or plasticized lining are not able to be recycled and instead will have to be put in general waste.

Once you’ve opened presents try separating your waste straight away to make it easy for recycling, this will avoid all waste being lumped together in black bags later in the day.

Remember that cardboard can also be composted at home; egg boxes and cereal boxes make a great addition to your heap as a carbon rich brown material.

Merry Christmas from all at Garden Organic

NB You could make your own Christmas wreath using willow, holly and ivy like some of the Coventry Master Composters have done.

Coventry Christmas Wreaths